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An interview with Marc Horowitz by Marc Horowitz

Marc Horowitz: Would you please explain The Center for Improved Living (TCFIL) blog?
Marc Horowitz: Oh, I’d love to! TCFIL is simple. Every day I post a new question to the internetters. Something like “What’s the silliest thing you have in your purse or wallet? People answer and we all get to learn a little something about humanity. It’s win/win!

But Mr. Horowitz, aren’t these questions supposed to “improve your life?”
Call me “Marc.”

The questions are improving lives ‘cause they bring people closer together by giving everyone a little peephole into another person’s world. Someone’s answer to “What do you wish you could keep in a jar?” may make someone else laugh for the first time in years. Another may find inner peace by discovering that there’s a guy out there who also imagines God always wearing jeans. Someone might fall in love with the girl that doesn’t believe in socks. The questions make people think about themselves, what’s around them, and give them space to ponder things that they’d never think about in their hurly-burly world.

Wow, Mr. Horo…I mean, Marc…that actually sounds real nice. But TCFIL is bigger than just this blog. You were telling me earlier that the Center just had an exhibition at Analix Forever Gallery in Geneva and you’re set to have another at Nuke Gallery in Paris and then at SCOPE New York.
It’s blowing up, Marc. At these shows, I get to really show off what TCFIL is meant to be: a collaboration, a think tank, a place to daydream, a place to “shake it off,” and a place to embrace individuality and that the world around us is a place of infinite possibilities.


Well, I’ll definitely be there in Paris! Tell me what else you do with your limitless creativity?
Oh I do all sorts of stuff. I have another blog: www.ineedtostopsoon. com. That’s where I post my various projects and dreams. I’m pitching some TV comedies at the moment. I’m currently making a series of draw

Me? Yeah, I dream, but it’s typically about accounting. I just one where numbers don’t exist and I can’t get properly reimbursed for mileage. (long break for laughter.)
How’re you doing, Marc?

Oh, you just make me so happy! Can we get back to TCFIL? I think that’s just so interesting. In your gallery shows, you have made up your own motivational posters. That’s awfully bold of you.
Thank you.

Let’s give them a try. Hit me with one.
“It’s time to do something about something!”

Woah! That really works.
“Look out the window. You’re not alone.”

“I’m really doing it!”

Enough! I’m frothy with motivation!
See what I mean? I’m improving your life already. And you know what?

While I’m improving your life, you’re also improving mine. (Long pause for awkward hug.)

Well, it was great talking with you. We should hang out more.
I’ll see you in the mirror.
You can find this interview in the "it's good magazine" at the Gallery

Marc Horowitz, National Diner Tour, Photograph, 2004-2005

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