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Diamond Jessica
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Jessica Diamond lives and works in New York.


Drawing and Writing, on walls. On gallery walls. In museums. But also in the streets. In New York streets: "I hate business". In NY parks, the word "ART" in enormous letters. On the pavement, on the sidewalk of San Giminiano, she draws "Shadow of the Missing Tower". There was a tower missing, Jessica Diamond brought its soul back. She also brought Japanese artist Kusama back, as inspiration and model, thanks to her "Tributes to Kusama", as in Love Forever and Infinity, both shown at Venice's Aperto in 1993.


With the time, Diamond's very political debut (I Hate Business, Money Having Sex ) evolved to body exploration and erotism ( Tributes to Kusama: Dripping Pink Sex Film Fantasia, Erotic Rainfull, Erotic Cloud ). It reaches now a real cosmic dimension, in which human alchemy still keeps its place.

Jessica Diamond, Elephant sky, Acrylic and latex paint on wall, Dimensions variable upon installation; Acrylic paint on paper, 49,5 cm x 142,6 cm, 2003 / 2004

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